A Surefire Way to Make More Money

In any business, it is the payment received for services or products (i.e. SALES) that generates the REVENUE. No Sales = No Revenue = No Business.

Would you like to know how to increase your income this year?

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Sales, at the strategic level

Sales, looked at from the strategic level, is all about the numbers. And the primary indicator is something central to finance in general: ROI (Return on Investment).

Think about it: If your retirement portfolio was not performing well enough to meet your projected needs, wouldn’t you make a decision to reevaluate the investment and make the necessary changes?

It is vital to remember there is ALWAYS a cost of acquiring a new client, and your cost is driven UP when your sales conversion ratio is low! Conversely, the better your conversion percentage, the lower is your cost of acquiring a new customer.

Marketing is one of your largest expenses. You already know that. And today’s consumers are bombarded with so many marketing messages that the cost of acquiring a customer is increasing steadily. Prospects who were once ready to buy, after only 3 to 5 exposures to your message, may now require 10 to 15 exposures.

In today’s selling environment, you need triple the exposure to accomplish your goal! No wonder your sales staff is getting weary and the task of bringing on new clients sometimes seems overwhelming. The competition for your message is intense.

Three things every successful business must learn

three things

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It is imperative that you and your team learn and master three essential skills:

  • How to convert leads to appointments
  • How to convert appointments to presentations
  • How to convert presentations to new clients

You can’t develop a thriving, successful, business until these fundamentals are solidly in place and working for you.

What is your ROI on sales presentations?

Let me ask: What are YOUR personal sales conversion numbers? What are the sales conversion numbers for the members of your team? What is your total ROI on presentations?

If you don’t know those numbers, then I urge you to implement an immediate change in your sales strategy. You cannot improve what you cannot identify and measure.

Let’s assume, though, that you do know your numbers, and you know that 1 of 10 prospects you speak with respond favorably and become clients. Your ROI on presentations reveals a 10% conversion rate.

Pretty simple.

What happens when your ROI increases?

Let’s say you’ve invested in a deliberate process to improve your sales presentations, and your ROI has increased to where 2 of 10 prospects you speak with have become paying clients; you now have a 20% conversion rate.

The most important thing I want you to understand is that you invest the SAME amount of time when you are selling with a 10% conversion rate as you would be with a 40% conversion rate … with one big difference: At 40%, you have now QUADRUPLED your sales.

That’s FOUR TIMES the income with the SAME investment of your time, energy, and marketing dollars! Sales Conversion IS the strategic formula to double, triple, or even quadruple your sales.

In one way or another everyone I talk to wants to know, “Deb, what’s the fast path to make more sales – the fastest path to cash?”

My answer to them? NOTHING can make you more money, more quickly, than increasing your sales conversion at every touch point in your business.


Debbie White is an international speaker and trainer, focused on helping you sell more and with far less stress. She is a master sales strategist, and she can help YOU dramatically improve your bottom line. To arrange a complimentary coaching and strategy session with Debbie: Go Here


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