Your Focus is on THEM not YOU!

customer-focus3Tip #2: Your Focus is on Your Prospect not YOU!

The way we ‘sell’ has fundamentally changed over time.  Through the years, the ‘old school’ sales methods so many sales training programs taught (and were once successful) have lost their effectiveness.

We use the word ‘prospect’ to mean someone who is a potential or likely customer or client, which is fine for clarification, but we have to stop seeing others as “prospects’ and start seeing them as people.  I see so many business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professional make this mistake all the time.  Their sales conversation has WAY TOO MUCH self-centered and self-serving information. Example:  Here’s MY great background (going on and on about their success and awards or degrees), Here’s MY great product (why THEY believe their product is great), here’s MY great whatever (convenient location, long list of clients, etc.).  The conversation is not relevant to what is important to their prospect.

It may seem contrary to everything you’ve heard about sales to put the customer head of the sale — to care about your customer or client for the sake of the customer, not for what the customer can do for you.  The interesting secret about sales is that buying is a very human phenomenon and we humans respond in predictable ways.  We do not like being ‘pitched’ and we do not like being told what to do by those who we don’t think understand us or care about what we feel or perceive as important.  And we do not buy from people we think are using us for their own end means!

What to Do Instead:  Remember, a sale is NOT about you.  Focus on your prospect.  What is important to THEM, what do THEY want and desire? What problems are THEY trying to solve?  Just remember there is only one radio station they’re listening to WIIFM – What’s In It for Me?

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Bottom  Line?  You want to have sales conversations and presentations that lead to an sale that becomes inevitable because you clearly have a plan for the conversation, your focus is on the wants and desires of your prospective client and you listen to THEIR language and choose your words to mirror those things that are important to them and will help them step forward.

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Do What You Love, Love What You Do:

do-what-you-love2If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself, you need to be able to answer one very important question: Why you do what you do? Believe it or not, many people don’t know the answer. Let’s say you’re a car salesman and you’re thinking of opening your own dealership: When asked, you might say you do what you do “Because it pays the bills,” or, “Because I fell into it,” or something else along these lines. But if you don’t know why you sell cars – why you get that rush when you hand a set of keys over to a newly married couple (if you do) – or what it is about the act of closing a sale that not only gets you out of bed in the morning, but that makes you want to go to work, then how do you expect to succeed in your field? Individuals who are exceptional at what they do are so because they know what their purpose is, they’re truly passionate about their business and they believe that what they do is honestly making a difference.

So how do you go about finding your purpose – your passion – your reason for being in business? It’s not as hard as society makes it out to be. First and foremost, take a (serious) assessment of your skills. If you’re a car salesman, but you excelled at science in school, are really good at figuring out how things work and people tell you all the time that you could be the next winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, then you’re probably not in the right field. But let’s not be too hasty…

What does experience tell you? Did you sell candy bars in elementary school, or hold a sales position as a teenager, and you went above and beyond your projected sales goals in both? Or did you try your hand at retail in college, only to find that everyone else outsold you – and you didn’t really care? After all, that meant more time dedicated to lab work…If you relate to the former situation, car sales may not be a bad choice for you—but if you can relate to the second situation, I think it’s about time you considered a new career path.

Finally, you need to know what excites you. If you’re in car sales by accident, and you stayed because it pays the bills, chances are, you’re only “getting by.” But is that what you want – to just “get by” – or do you want success? If you want success, you need to figure out what you really love (science, maybe?), and to find that one thing that that gets you out of bed and working hard because you want to be, not because you need to make ends meet.

So many people go about their jobs, or run their businesses, with no clear direction. They don’t know what their core values are – they have no idea what their passions might be – and they’re unsure of what they stand for. This isn’t the way to live – for anyone – but especially not if you’re thinking of going into business for yourself. If you don’t know why your business exists, then why should anyone care? When you are clear on why you do what you do, then you will experience success. Until then, don’t give up on finding your niche—the time it will take you to do so will be well worth it.

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If you can buy a Hallmark card, you can sell!

hallmark-mothers-day-cards-akblessingsabound1If you are a person who selects the cards you give with thought … you already understand the secret to ‘selling’.  Do you search for the right card because you want to express a very specific feeling about your relationship with someone?  Do you want the card to be a ‘gift’ in itself?  Have you ever hunted for a card that demonstrated your knowledge of the recipient — a card with an adorable dog because your friend loves dogs or a card with a message that reveals something specific, appreciated, or ‘real’ about your mother, father, husband, wife, child or friend?

Then you already understand the fundamentals of selling that lead to what I can ‘The Inevitable Sale.‘  How can that be Debbie?  Simple.  You already have experience in saying to someone  ‘You are special.  I notice what you are like and  I notice what you like.  (The card) I picked (the words I choose) show I really know you (I really listened).

Hallmark has used a line, “Give a little of yourself.  Give a Hallmark.”  I say, “Give a little of yourself in your next sales situation. Give the gift of listening and hearing the needs of another.” NOTHING is more important in sales success than the ability to ask appropriate questions to discover a persons desires and then to genuinely LISTEN to their response!  What a concept!