think_before_you_speakTip #3 – THINK About the Words You Choose!

Every word matters.  Mistrust can happen in a split second – and it happens at the moment your prospect’s intuition tells them that your agenda is about you – not them.

Every word you speak in the sales conversation, in your sales presentation and in your marketing messages does one of three things: 

The words you speak either … 1) move your prospect FORWARD …2) are neutral and have NO IMPACT … or 3) move your prospect AWAY from you – they step BACK.

Without even being aware of it, we often use words and phrases that categorize us as someone who has the intention of ‘making a sale’ and we begin moving our prospect away from us from the beginning.

The bigger problem is the vast majority of people spend the greatest part of their sales conversation or presentation saying too much that is neutral, which does absolutely nothing to move the prospect forward in the buying decision. That’s what happens when you make the mistake of having no clear plan in your presentations and conversations. 

What to Do Instead: Great marketers – great salespeople – great communicators – listen to what their prospects are saying both verbally and nonverbally.  Then they take those cues and use them to mold their marketing messages and sales presentations.   Make a sincere commitment to really understand your potential client’s true core problems and don’t approach the conversation with self-focused agendas.  That’s when you’ll see that people will trust you enough to move forward with you in discovering the solution your product or service offers THEM to solve THEIR problem.

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Bottom  Line?  Your goal is to have sales conversations and presentations that lead to an inevitable sale, because you clearly have a plan for the conversation.  Your focus is on the wants and desires of your prospective client.  As you listen to THEIR language and choose your words to mirror those things that are important to them you will help them step forward.

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