If you can buy a Hallmark card, you can sell!

hallmark-mothers-day-cards-akblessingsabound1If you are a person who selects the cards you give with thought … you already understand the secret to ‘selling’.  Do you search for the right card because you want to express a very specific feeling about your relationship with someone?  Do you want the card to be a ‘gift’ in itself?  Have you ever hunted for a card that demonstrated your knowledge of the recipient — a card with an adorable dog because your friend loves dogs or a card with a message that reveals something specific, appreciated, or ‘real’ about your mother, father, husband, wife, child or friend?

Then you already understand the fundamentals of selling that lead to what I can ‘The Inevitable Sale.‘  How can that be Debbie?  Simple.  You already have experience in saying to someone  ‘You are special.  I notice what you are like and  I notice what you like.  (The card) I picked (the words I choose) show I really know you (I really listened).

Hallmark has used a line, “Give a little of yourself.  Give a Hallmark.”  I say, “Give a little of yourself in your next sales situation. Give the gift of listening and hearing the needs of another.” NOTHING is more important in sales success than the ability to ask appropriate questions to discover a persons desires and then to genuinely LISTEN to their response!  What a concept!

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