Increase Sales Conversion – 3 TIPS to INCREASE SALES in Your Business!


STRATEGY:  The problem today is many jobs are being eliminated in big business and people are sick of the uncertainty they face, so they are turning to entrepreneurship and starting their own business.  In fact, entrepreneurship is growing rapidly and adding to the already 23 million small businesses.  Women are leaving the workforce in droves in favor of becoming entrepreneurs and they have been starting businesses at a higher rate than men for the last 20 years! 

Yet 3 out of 4 small businesses fail for various reasons, but what is CERTAIN and the one thing that could have saved the business and the one thing that GROWS any business is … Sales.  MORE SALES will fix just about any problem.

Sound familiar?

As you know, sales are the very life blood of a successful business.

And you do want more sales and profits, right?

Here are 3 Tips to Quickly INCREASE SALES!

Tip# 1:  You MUST Have a Sales STRATEGY

Many business owners confuse marketing and sales.  Marketing is important, but it’s the sales that generate revenue and are the lifeblood of the business.  Yet 95% of small business owners, entrepreneurs, service professionals, coaches and consultants focus on marketing and invest very little time paying attention to the most important aspect of sales.

Selling is about trust, relationships and influence.  However, at the strategic level we have to consider numbers … similar to a financial evaluation of a return on investment.  If the money invested is not getting an adequate return, a decision will be made by someone, sometime to invest the money somewhere else.  Increasing Your Sales Conversion (the ratio of sales made relative to the number of presentations made) is a TOP STRATEGY for MORE SALES. This is not news, but what I find is news to many people is the LEVERAGE on sales results that can be achieved by increasing conversion rates by small increments.

Almost every entrepreneur, consultant, coach or sales professional that I talk to says they convert fewer prospects to paying customers than they would like.

The problem and the reason so many people struggle with their sales conversion being lower than it should be is because what most are doing in the sales conversation isn’t effective which leads to the next 2 tips!

Get Tip #2: Your Focus is on Your Prospect not YOU!

Get Tip #3 – THINK About the Words You Choose!


Bottom  Line?  You want to have sales conversations and presentations that lead to an sale that becomes inevitable because you clearly have a plan for the conversation, your focus is on the wants and desires of your prospective client and you listen to THEIR language and choose your words to mirror those things that are important to them and will help them step forward.

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