It’s Time to Heal the Backbone of Our Economy

hug-a-small-businessSmall businesses are the backbone of America – they are everything we stand for, and are vital to our country’s success and economic growth. This is because small businesses have the potential to create new jobs and put money back into communities – they show much more creativity than larger corporations, and they are constantly introducing new ideas into the marketplace. Without entrepreneurs, our economy would be suffering much more than it already is.  In fact, it may be that our economy is in the state it’s in today because of the closing of numerous small businesses – and the takeover of larger corporations such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Kroger – that our economy is in the state it’s in today.

Many people believe that these larger corporations are better for the economy because, well, they are larger. But the fact remains that small businesses are responsible for creating more than three-fourths of the country’s new jobs, and pay out more than 44% of the country’s private payroll. Think about it; places like Walmart combine hardware stores, craft stores, toy stores, grocery stores, auto-shops, clothing stores, shoe stores, appliance stores and much more – into one place. While they may employ a large number of people, one superstore opening alone triggers the closing of at least eight privately owned businesses, and puts more than 200 privately employed individuals and countless entrepreneurs out on the curb. People can argue the benefits of superstores all they want – “They’re so convenient, with everything in one place!” – but they can’t deny that small businesses are indispensable to the workforce, and help keep unemployment under control.

It is undeniable that, despite the good small businesses do for our economy, many more people have gravitated towards superstores in the past six years because, in all reality, they’re cheaper.  In a time of budget cuts, job loss and serious downsizing we all agree that cheaper is better – but only in the short term. If we hope to begin the recovery of our economy in the near future, and start healing the backbone of our country, we need to begin supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs, because they’re the ones that will be giving back to the community and creating  worthwhile jobs.

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