Meet Debbie

Over the last three decades, Debbie has been responsible for the sales of hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services for the companies she has worked with and the clients she has served.  Debbie has received numerous sales achievement awards, in real estate as well as within a Fortune  500 company, from direct sales to selling coaching services for various industry leaders. She has worked with such companies as Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the renowned Tom Hopkins International and celebrity motivational speaker, Les Brown, as well as many individual salespeople and entrepreneurs.

Debbie’s passion is to share the high impact sales strategies and secrets she’s learned with small business entrepreneurs so they can instantly increase their sales, sales conversions and profits.  Some of the entrepreneurs Debbie works with are doing all of the selling in their business themselves and are ready to take their business to the next level. They need or want to hire salespeople.  Some of  these clients have already hired a salesperson or have a team of salespeople that are good producers at best but are often average or low producers.  These clients turn to Debbie to learn how to build a STAR SALES TEAM of great producers that can dramatically increase revenue!

Debbie White is quickly gaining a reputation as THE SALES GROWTH EXPERT for small business entrepreneurs and professionals. This comes as a result of her achieving what most describe as ‘phenomenal’ sales growth for her clients through strategy, coaching and processes.

A sought after speaker and trainer, Debbie’s humor, real-life examples and ‘tell it like it is’ experiences – with a dash of Southern charm thrown in for good measure – simplifies the often overwhelming concepts of sales for the business owner.  She articulates what works in a crisp, clear and easy to understand way that translates to every audience, gender, genre and generation.

“There are three talents that are considered the most valuable to any business venture.  It is unusual to find someone that has truly mastered any one of the three skills:  sales, marketing and communications.

Debbie is a member of a rare group that has mastered all three … sales, marketing and communication.

She has the creative capacity to understand and market any product.  However, this does you no good if you can’t sell what you bring to market.  Few people truly understand the psychology that drives a successful sales campaign and Debbie is one of the best.  That leaves the art of clear, concise and simple communication.  The ability to stand and deliver one-on-one or to an audience of hundreds may be the rarest skill of all and Debbie does this with ease and clarity. Debbie worked side-by-side with me at the Hopkins Organization for 3 years and I’ve continued to bring her into projects and profit from her expertise for over 20 years.”

 ~ Tom G. Murphy, Founding Partner of Tom Hopkins International; Business Consultant


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