The Most Important Question of All

Break an egg by an outside force and life ends. Break it by an inside force and life begins.

From prospecting and setting appointments to making presentations and closing, The Inevitable Sale is a potent strategy centered on an “anti-selling” approach to helping professionals get rid of the fear and reluctance so often tied to the sales process.

The outcome is more revenue, less stress, and learning to love your job again.

Sales can be a lot like fighting. There are a few who love to fight, but most of us don’t. And, in its worst form, the sales process can become a battle – seemingly pitting seller against prospect to see who will come out the winner.

The stigma of sales

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Consequently, many people are hesitant – even embarrassed – to let it be known they want to sell something. The physician may leave sales up to the front office, or the attorney crank up the budget on advertising. Few professionals find a way to systematically integrate sales with the rest of their practice.

And that necessarily puts a bottleneck on revenue flow.

Do you sometimes get so discouraged with sales that you want to quit – or give the job over entirely to someone else? I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

Selling is a necessary component of every career and every life … in one way or another. Mothers must sell their children on healthy eating habits, teachers must sell students on the value of learning, and surgeons must sell their patients on successful outcomes.

How would you respond?

Ask yourself this one question, and it can revolutionize your approach to sales and to life. If you would grow and prosper in any occupation or pursuit, ask it of yourself every day.

This one little question will help you gain clarity and focus:


  • Why are you in business to begin with?
    • Why should anyone buy from you?
    • Why is your product or service worth the investment?

If you don’t know, or you’re not fully convinced of your answers, STOP NOW and get honest with yourself.

If you find you are in business “to make money,” that people should buy from because you need them to, or you aren’t 100% confident that your products or services can deliver every penny of value you are asking – you are setting yourself up for failure and a gnawing sense of shame.

Let’s develop this idea next week

My intent is not to preach a sermon at you, here; I’m just getting brass-tacks realistic. Sometimes, all that really needs to change is ones attitude … then the whole world looks better.

“Why?” is a critical question, and it is a thread running through The Inevitable Sale.


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