Book Debbie White and Make Your Next Meeting or Event Unforgettable!

Out of the many speakers available, there are few with the ‘tell it like it is’ experience, real-life examples, insight, charm, and the warmth of Debbie White.  Experience Debbie’s passion in sharing the high impact sales strategies and secrets she has learned that work so well to instantly increase sales for small business owners, entrepreneurs, service professionals and sales professionals who have a difficult time being salespeople.  She articulates what works in a crisp, clear and easy to understand way that translates to every audience, gender, genre and generation.


According to Tom Murphy, co-founder of Tom Hopkins International, world renowned sales training company, “It is unusual to find someone that has truly mastered any of the three most valuable skills: sales, marketing and communications.  Debbie is a member of a rare group that has mastered all three.  The art of clear, concise and simple communication and the ability to stand and deliver one-on-one or to an audience of hundreds may be the rarest skill of all and Debbie does this with ease and clarity.  She is a fantastic speaker and you’ll be greatly praised by your organization for inviting Debbie to speak!”

Mari Smith, social media expert, consultant, speaker and trainer says: “Many business owners confuse marketing and sales. Marketing is important, but it’s the sales that generate revenue and that are the lifeblood of any organization. There’s nobody I’ve ever met who understands this better than Debbie White.  Debbie is a skilled trainer and has a real knack for helping her students to eradicate all the stigma around sales and selling and really enjoy and become passionate about sales. If ever you have the opportunity to have her speak to your group and learn from her trainings and products, jump at the chance. Your bottom line absolutely will increase!”

les_brownLes Brown, motivational speaker and bestselling author says: “Debbie is a masterful salesperson and speaker. Her extensive knowledge of sales and her ability to see the big picture sets her apart, but her service and integrity is what makes Debbie exceptional! I’ve had Debbie speak in my private seminars to share her wisdom on marketing and sales to my aspiring speakers and entrepreneurs to build a prosperous business.  I highly recommend Debbie.”

lance_joeAccording to Lance Joe, Organizer of The Big Social Summit [Las Vegas 2012], San Francisco, California: “Debbie White delivers!  It was a great decision when I asked Debbie to speak at our event in Las Vegas!  As one of our keynote speakers, Debbie’s presentation gave the audience practical and crystal clear insights into selling from a place of integrity and trust.  The entire audience was inspired, fully engaged and walked away with secrets to increase their sales immediately.  I highly recommend Debbie White for any company or organization of service professionals, business owners or salespeople looking to have a master sales strategist and sales trainers at their event!”

Debbie is available for speaking engagements for companies, associations, public seminars and events, and industry-specific trainings.  Upon request, Debbie will create a custom presentation, tailor-fit to the needs of your audience.

Speaking Topics:

Do You Want More Buyers … Buying More Often … For More Money?

Discover a better way to sell built on the trust-based ‘Anti-Selling’ mindset!

Experience Debbie’s passion in sharing the high impact sales strategies and secrets she has learned that work so well to instantly increase sales for small business owners, entrepreneurs, service professionals and sales professionals who have a difficult time being salespeople.  Are you tired of struggling to increase your income …  and you KNOW that increasing your sales is the answer?

If you are tired of hearing “no” more than “yes” …  if you’re ready for a BETTER and more AUTHENTIC way to sell … this is the presentation for you!

Debbie will show you how to:

  • Rapidly shift your sales mindset (because, let’s face it, many of us don’t enjoy sales or we feel “counterfeit” or manipulative in the sales process).
  • Avoid the MOST COSTLY mistake that 95% of all business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs make in their business.
  • Change the way you sell by implementing a simple five-step process.
  • Determine why prospects are not inevitably saying “yes” to you right now!

You know that your life and business will be so much easier and more enjoyable once you increase your sales conversions.  So jump in … the answers are waiting for you right now!

The Number ONE MISTAKE that keep 95% of all Entrepreneurs Struggling for Consistent Revenue.

Learn  how to avoid the most dangerous trend that threatens small business owners, entrepreneurs, service professionals, coaches, consultants and experts in every niche and what to do instead to GROW your business!

There is one simple way you can solve almost ANY problem that you have in your business … and that’s to sell … more.   Success is just … SALES.

Join Debbie White in this action packed session and discover:

  • The three worst mistakes that entrepreneurs make that KILL sales … and what to do instead to increase your income!
  • How to turn those mistakes into your biggest sales OPPORTUNITIES.
  • The secret of the Top 5% … and how to  take control of the most important element of business … SALES.
  • How to Build the Value of your product or service instead of cutting your price.
  •  How to get rid of all the ‘extra stuff’ that is ineffective and does not work, and focus on fundamentals that DO work.

Walk away from this presentation knowing what to do to increase sales and how to do it!

The Five Simple Steps to ‘One Call Close’ Sales Conversations

If you are tired of hearing people say “no” when you offer your product, service or program … if you’re tired of hearing ‘I need to think about it’ or “I can’t afford it’ or any other excuse … if you don’t have the sales you want and you your sales conversations fail or need repair … then this is the presentation for you!

This process is simple and allows you to correct your current process easily.  In fact, it should be simple.

It is not about having the gift of gab or being manipulative and overbearing.  It’s an approach … a system … a process.  It is simple and can be duplicated time and time again.

Join Debbie White and discover:

  • How to create a natural desire for your product or service that entices people to find out more rather than to walk away because of lack of interest.
  • The natural order of the Five Step Strategy System, designed so you’ll never again be ‘all over the place’ in your sales conversations!  You’ll also be given a template of the Five Steps to take with you.
  • WHY you are doing what you’re doing and WHY it works consistently, and repeatedly over time!
  • Why having a clear cut, step-by-step approach empowers you with the confidence you have always wanted in a sales conversation.
  • How using this System will double, triple or even quadruple your sales conversions in an ethical, integrity driven way.