Build Your Sales Team

Are you wondering if the next step in growing your business is to add a salesperson or create a sales team?

Does it feel like your business too often resembles a roller coaster … from feast to famine?

The reason is simple: you work hard to get new prospects. Then you have MORE prospects, some of which turn into new clients. You then become overwhelmed, trying to deliver the service your promised … and your new client acquisition suffers.

A smart business owner can never take his eye off of the sales funnel, no matter how busy he is.

In sales and marketing, your sales funnel dictates exactly what you need and when you need it.  Marketing demands you work far into the future, and sales demands you work only in the present.  That is why it’s such a fine balancing act for business owners.

So What Is The Solution?


This obvious fact alone dictates that sooner or later a business owner must face the glaring fact that they need to hire salespeople. The truth is that nothing can grow your business faster and give you MORE FREEDOM to do what you do best and love most in your business than adding a great salesperson or a highly effective group of salespeople to your team.

If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or one-person army, you may think you are not in the position to hire a salesperson, much less a highly talented and effective salesperson. You are probably currently doing all of the selling in your business yourself. You know that has to change, and you have a million questions and fears going through your mind.

For example:

  • You have no experience in hiring sales people and are not confident how to do so
  • You do not have a clue how to train a salesperson properly
  • You are (rightfully so) protective of your reputation and brand and don’t know how to transfer that to another person
  • You believe a salesperson would not be worth the money it would cost you
  • You do not want to give up the commission you would have to pay to a salesperson
  • You do not know how to compensate a salesperson
  • You do not know how to motivate a salesperson or team

WHAT IF … You Made the Breakthrough?

  • What if … before you interviewed or hired anyone, you knew exactly what makes a star salesperson and who to look for?
  • What if … you knew where to find them?
  • What if … you had a hiring method that guaranteed you would never have to fire them?
  • What if … you knew how to structure a win-win commission?
  • What if … you knew how to create a  clear, defined  sales process?
  • What if … you knew what to do about training?
  • What if … you knew how to communicate your expectations precisely and could hold your salesperson accountable for results?
  • What if … you knew how to ‘inspect’ your expectations?
  • What if … you knew how to compensate, reward and recognize your sales team?
  • What if … you knew how to manage and motivate a star salesperson?

No More What Ifs!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level through LEVERAGE and you desire to create a predictable, reliable sales process that can be duplicated by your own salesperson or a team of salespeople, request a Sales Team Strategy Session with Debbie today!

An Interview With One of Debbie’s Clients:


Kay Walten, LocoGringo Vacations

Where were you in your business before working with Debbie?  Myself and my staff were in a three year decline with many factors that had affected sales beyond our control.  Mentally we were defeated, worn out and it came across in our sales and customer service, and in my management.  I don’t think any of us looked forward to going to work.


What made you decide to work with Debbie?  The first time I heard Deb speak at a workshop we were at, I knew I had to find a way to get to know her.  Really, that was the truth.  I thought she was the hottest sales professional I had ever come across.   Then I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with her, and there was no decision, a resounding YES to the chance!  To be honest, I was at the end of my rope at a loss of what to change, at a loss as to how to inspire my sales team, at a loss as to how to take the reigns into leading my company of 16 years in a forward direction again.


After working with Debbie what happened for you specifically regarding sales?  Debbie taught me the important of numbers, the importance of my own accountability as a manager and accountability my sales staff needs to have in order for them to succeed.  I developed confidence, freeing myself to be a better manager, business owner and person.  I learned to develop plans, instead of running around using a bunch of tactics without thoughts, hoping one would stick.  Debbie helped me gain a different view at our day-to-day leads and sales.  I felt like she helped me cut the shackles off that I felt from my team.  Deb is a straight shooter, she was able to tell me hard truths and give me solutions or suggestions on how to work with those truths.  My sales team viewed our customers and our leads in a different way after they worked with Debbie.  My team now sees the importance of every word.  My team is happy they have a leader holding them accountable and the ‘Deb effect’ not only impacted my sales team, it has impacted our marketing and our website.  Best news is we’ve stopped a 3 year slide in sales, we’re growing once more and business is up this year and we’re back loving our work!


If someone were considering working with Debbie, what would you say to them?  I believe, without a doubt that anyone inveting their money and time with Deb is investing in their future!


WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW and Debbie will share how to request and apply for a private, complimentary Sales and Profit Strategy Session with her.

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