Cognitive Bias in Sales – The DECOY

IN EARLIER articles, I’ve written about how cognitive biases can influence the sales process – but we’ve barely begun looking at the TYPES of cognitive biases anyone in sales (or in business) may confront every single day.

Whether you are a solopreneur, a small business owner, a service professional, or part of an executive leadership team – we are talking about something that can have a HUGE IMPACT on the sales process.

It could even be said that understanding this kind of information is what sets the 20% of upper level performers (those who make 80% of the sales) apart from (and out in front of) the rest of the pack.

NOW, here’s the thing: sometimes you hear it said that someone is a ‘natural salesperson”. What is probably more accurate is that the person who seems to be a ‘natural’ really just seems to instinctively understand the processes at work when cognitive bias affects sales.

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Why YOU need to know about cognitive bias

You may have a FEAR of sales. You may dislike … dare I say, even HATE sales … but that doesn’t change the fact, one iota, that you are selling SOMETHING every day.

I encourage the people I counsel to EMBRACE the SALES PROCESS. After all, nothing can help you reach your business goals quicker than boosting sales.


So let’s go talk about another manifestation of cognitive bias – and let’s continue that track for another few articles.

I BELIEVE: If you will commit to studying, learning, and putting into practice the things you learn here TODAY – your sales can’t HELP but increase.

(To brush up on the hows and whys of cognitive bias, READ THIS.)

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