3 Quick Tips to Help You Gain Self-Confidence in Sales

Some say the path to self-confidence is through increasing your level of competence. If you apply yourself long and hard enough (they say), if you become an EXPERT in your particular product line or service area, you will naturally gain in confidence – and that confidence will be reflected by increased sales.

That sounds good, perhaps. In my experience, though. IT IS NOT TRUE.

Competence versus Confidence

Competence, by definition, is “The ability to do something successfully or efficiently.” Confidence, on the other hand, is “A feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.”

You see, it is entirely possible to be absolutely competent, yet not experience the self-assurance of confidence.Click To Tweet

In my work with executive management, sales teams, and service professionals, I often find that even the most competent (capable and talented) individuals are impeded in their progress by a lack of self-confidence during the sales process.

The FEAR of Sales

If the truth be told, most people are FEARFUL of sales presentations and negotiations. Ask them WHAT they fear, though, and most can’t put a finger on the cause.

Here’s the psychological basis of fear in sales: A fear of CRITICISM … and taken a step further … the fear of REJECTION.

One little word can drain your confidence and power instantly. You may have heard this word before: “No!”Click To Tweet

3 tips to boost your confidence (and your sales)

Let’s look at ways to deal with the fear that keeps you from meeting or exceeding your sales goals. These tips are field-proven. Don’t discount their power, and don’t worry about whether they will work for you.

Put these tips into action, and watch what happens with sales results:Continue reading