When You Get THIS, You Get More Business

Sales skills are the most important capabilities you can possess. They give power to everything else you do.

How to Sell … Without Selling!

No Salesmen Today

Creative Commons by John (Flickr)

Business owners often believe sufficient marketing efforts can replace a sales strategy. That’s a risky position to take, though.

Marketing is concerned with getting the phone to ring. Sales is the process of discovering whether or not you can help the caller solve a problem or reach a goal.

The two work in tandem, but marketing, without sales, is like investing in a car – but deciding NOT to spend any money on gas. You will be sitting in an expensive shell that can’t go anywhere.

Do you HATE sales?

It is rare to find an entrepreneur who likes the sales process. Many absolutely dread having to talk to potential customers about buying their products or services.

The tighter you hold on to the idea that the sales process is distasteful – the more you will needlessly struggle to leverage and grow your business.

Good news: You can change that!

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