If You Don’t Have This, Your Business Will Fail

An Open Interview With Debbie White

Note: This is the first in a series of articles about how you can develop a sales strategy that really works. This week, I met with a freelance writer who sometimes wonders whether leaving the security of a corporate salary was such a wise idea. Don is an accomplished writer, copywriter, and marketing consultant – but he struggles with sales. In this first meeting, we identified the root of the problem: If success is just sales – then failure is a lack of sales.

How to get started with Sales Success

Don: Debbie, in your talk, Three Core Principles to Mastering Trust-Based Selling, you say, “Success is just Sales.” That concept seems a bit far-fetched; I mean success is getting up early, working hard, and knowing your stuff … right?

Debbie: Don, there are many salespeople and service professionals who are at the desk before sunrise, and they don’t let up until after nightfall. Many of them have advanced degrees in management, marketing, or another discipline – yet, when they divide total revenue by total hours invested, they aren’t doing much better than any other laborer. They just can’t seem to get ahead.

Don: I can confirm that, Debbie. When you’re a freelancer or commissioned representative – with expenses and overhead to cover – there can sometimes be a pitiful few dollars left to take home.

I thought the American Dream was to work hard and prosper, not to work hard and starve!

The Key Ingredient

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