The TRUST Factor … The Secret to LOVING SALES

My favorite speaking engagements, over the past few months, were Suzanne Evans’ Be the Change event, in Las Vegas, and Angelique Rewers’ Inside Edge, in Scottsdale.

At both gatherings, I shared with participants that there is a far better way of selling than the traditional old-school approach.

For far too long, the sales process has been practiced like a manipulative game, with lots of built-in pressure and deceptive schemes. 

Some of the attendees at my recent talks received a digital copy of something powerful. I have truly been amazed with all of the feedback I’ve received from those who absorbed the lessons contained in The Answer is YES … Mastering Trust-Based Selling.

Somehow, that one message has quickly enabled listeners to see selling in a different way. Many say they are feeling better about their jobs and their abilities – and that those changes are being reflected in their sales.

When you discover something that can help you feel better AND help you make more money, you are on the road to a much better quality of life.

(At the end of this article, you will find a link to download your own copy of The Answer is YES … Mastering Trust-Based Selling. It is my gift to you for being a loyal friend.)

By the way, the reason I’m so passionate about sharing lessons learned from my own years of experience in sales is not just because these tips can help you make more money – but because they can help you succeed sooner and with less pain.

These field-tested truths can prevent you from having to go through years of struggle, failure, and disappointment. I urge you to keep reading – to invest a few minutes in yourself and your future.

You see, TRUST goes hand-in-hand with PROFITS. Trust differentiates you from your competitors. In fact, I believe TRUST is to sales what LOCATION is to real estate: It is EVERYTHING!

So what is this Trust Factor, and how can you implement it in your own strategy?

The 3 Foundational Principles in the Mindset Behind
Trust-Based Selling:

Author’s note: The following principles establish the foundation of a strategy for sales (and for life) that can revolutionize your way of thinking and your approach to sales. At the end of the article, you will find a link to an audio presentation that further reveals and teaches this powerful method. I urge you to read, listen, and respond. Invest in yourself.

Principle #1: The GOAL is to discover the TRUTH of your potential client’s situation.  The goal is NOT to make the sale.


Imagine this scenario: You have an opportunity to speak to someone about your business, product, or service and YOUR mindset is primarily about you having a chance to make a sale. Perhaps you’re thinking of your need for cash flow, or you are anxious to hit a particular goal.

When you focus on making the sale – which is what most people do, most of the time – the very minute you start the conversation with your prospective client, there is a little voice in the back of your head that keeps a running dialogue and constantly evaluates how you are doing … good OR bad.

That voice keeps you from being 100% focused on your potential clients and THEIR world – and THAT is a PROBLEM. Your focus is on YOU and on what YOU want. Your lack of genuine attention to clients’ needs triggers them to be suspicious of your agenda and to sense that you are talking with them primarily for your own purpose.

That brings inherent conflict to the sales conversation … and it’s very difficult to gain TRUST in an environment colored by conflict and doubt.

Today’s buyers are educated and experienced. They are leery of a self-centered sales approach, and the minute they believe you are trying to guide them down a path they aren’t ready for, they will react with MISTRUST – producing an outcome opposite to the one you hoped to gain.

Remember: Your first objective is to determine the TRUTH of your potential client’s situation and TOGETHER determine whether or not you have a solution to a problem THEY have – or can help them accomplish a goal THEY desire. 

For someone to reveal the truth of their situation there has to be a basis of trust. How much trust? You must build enough trust for that person to feel listened to and safe – and that level differs according to the individual’s prior experiences. Some people trust quickly and some mistrust quickly.

One thing I am CERTAIN of, though, is that it is in the discovery of the truth of their situation that you have the best opportunity to help someone solve a problem or reach a goal … and THAT is what leads inevitably to a sale!


Principle #2: The sales process is NOT a competition for you to WIN.

By definition, “competition” is concerned with a contest … a GAME. Someone wins and someone loses.

It is in the mindset of competition that you start pushing harder and harder to convince the potential client to adopt your point of view – trying desperately to convince them to choose YOU and your product. You don’t want to lose YOUR sale. And it is this mindset that creates a heightened feeling of rejection when someone says “No.” It is all about you and your desires, not about them and their needs.


The point is not that competition is bad, but it is counterproductive to the sales process to treat a potential client or customer as a competitor. Competing against your prospects actually tends to defeat the intended goal of helping them see the benefits of your offer. You want them to work with you, not compete against you.

Stephen Covey, in The 7 habits of Highly Effective People, says it is important to think ‘Win-Win.”  Covey said the Win-Win mindset isn’t about being nice, rather it is an integrity-based CODE for human interaction. Win-Win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all interactions.

It is this attitude that convinces your prospective clients to believe that you are sincerely seeking to serve and help them. That is how you gain TRUST – and building trust should be a primary focus in every interaction where a commitment is desired.


Principle #3: Chasing Clients is NOT the Trust-Based way to follow up or stay in contact with prospective clients.



Have you ever noticed – after chasing prospective clients via phone calls, emails, and office visits – that you end up feeling like you are being bothersome and overbearing? And don’t you think prospects often avoid or ignore you because they feel that way, too?

This happens when your calls and contacts are centered on YOU trying to make a sale, and it absolutely destroys your credibility. In their minds, you are like every other salesperson – someone to be avoided, dismissed, or begrudgingly tolerated.

The BIG problem, one I see way too often, is that many people have NO deliberate STRATEGY for the sales process. When you don’t have the security and confidence of a process, you are left not knowing what else to do but to pursue prospects even harder (thereby further alienating them) … or to just quit and give up sales entirely!

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever considered sales to be a difficult and tiring task you would rather not be saddled with at all?

It doesn’t have to be that way, my friend.

The Good News: There IS a Better Way!

If you are open-minded to accepting a shift in your mindset – to learning a more comfortable way of selling that can dramatically increase your performance – then you need to download the recording I created to clarify these three principles.

I made it just for YOU, and it won’t cost you a dime. You will hear real-life examples of each of the principles we have discussed. I promise this special teaching session will help you reap the benefits from the power of Trust-Based Selling.

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