This One Thing Can Make a Huge Difference in Sales

I will start anew/I will make amends/and I will make quite certain/that the story ends/on a note of hope/on a strong amen/and I’ll thank the world/and remember when/I was able to begin again!  (Ebenezer Scrooge)

Do you remember Ebenezer Scrooge?

Charles Dickens’ classic story, A Christmas Carol, has given people reason to stop and ponder the true meaning of Christmas for over a century and a half now. It was first published in 1843!

During the course of the tale, Scrooge was transformed from a greedy and grumpy old miser into a joyful and caring guardian who  began to appreciate others and help them in their struggles.

Scrooge can help you get more sales


George Scott as Scrooge. Creative Commons

When my focus is on me, me, me … when I approach sales conversations more concerned about what I can GET from the transaction than about what I might have to OFFER … I set the stage for mistrust, resistance , and failure.

On the other hand, when I stop worrying about me and begin thinking about YOU, I set a stage where real, lasting, healthy relationships can be formed and nurtured.

Discover the lesson taught by the three ghosts

Ebenezer Scrooge needed a series of eye-opening visits from the “Three Ghosts of Christmas” to get his attitude turned around.

He was given a personal tour of the Past, Present, and Yet to Come – and that journey shook him to the core.

Now, I don’t want to get overly-dramatic here … and I surely don’t want to stretch a point completely out of context to make a point … but I recently spoke with a client about how she can best ask for testimonials.

And THAT PROCESS relates quite well to Scrooge’s universally pertinent lesson.

Something that can help you get more business

I don’t know of anything of more value to your business than referrals and testimonials from those who have experienced the value of your product or services.

Too often, salespeople (or those who take appointments for professional services) beat the only drum they have … and it sounds like this: “Our company is the best” or “I can fix that problem like nobody else.”

When you brag about yourself, people are seldom all that impressed.

When others brag about you, though, potential clients and customers are considerably more apt to listen … and to believe.

I coached my client in a technique that re-frames the conversation. Asking for a testimonial shouldn’t come across as “Will you say something good about me?”

Rather, it should be a means of inviting your clients and customers to share their victories with others.

I can walk you through the process for securing and using testimonials. That will give you a tool that can open doors that may, right now, seem impenetrable. To find out more and opt-in to my private newsletter, where we go over vital sales training topics every week, just Click Here.

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