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Sales skills are the most important capabilities you can possess. They give power to everything else you do.

How to Sell … Without Selling!

No Salesmen Today

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Business owners often believe sufficient marketing efforts can replace a sales strategy. That’s a risky position to take, though.

Marketing is concerned with getting the phone to ring. Sales is the process of discovering whether or not you can help the caller solve a problem or reach a goal.

The two work in tandem, but marketing, without sales, is like investing in a car – but deciding NOT to spend any money on gas. You will be sitting in an expensive shell that can’t go anywhere.

Do you HATE sales?

It is rare to find an entrepreneur who likes the sales process. Many absolutely dread having to talk to potential customers about buying their products or services.

The tighter you hold on to the idea that the sales process is distasteful – the more you will needlessly struggle to leverage and grow your business.

Good news: You can change that!

Fortunately, you can drop that limiting belief. (If you want to do so ASAP, CONTACT ME right away to arrange a no-obligation consultation.)

By learning and becoming comfortable with the fundamentals and psychology of sales, you will gain confidence. Before long, you will see and feel a shift. You will embrace and masterfully handle the sales process.

That’s a promise!

Sales are critical to your business success. Once you accept that inescapable fact – and take steps to address it – you are on your way to a new sense of freedom and possibility.

You will once again be able to enjoy helping others understand and benefit from the service or product you are so passionate about, and you will regain the love and excitement of owning your own business.

Nothing is more important to business than sales

THE TRUTH IS that if you’re in business – ANY business – the one thing you must master (over everything else and before everything else) is how to sell.

It is critical for every member of your team, starting with YOU, to understand and embrace the sales process.

Story of a Dentist Who Could Not Sell

dental poster

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Ok!  So now let me share an example – something that happened to me recently.

I was walking out of my mother’s retirement community and saw a bowl of miniature Tootsie Rolls (which I love dearly, but rarely succumb to).

I grabbed one.

As I bit into the candy, I felt something hard, so I took it out of my mouth to investigate, and … well … a crown from one of my teeth was in the tootsie roll – not broken – the whole crown!

Now, I see and talk to folks in my business every day. I speak at seminars and make presentations – so having a missing tooth isn’t just un-cool, it is unprofessional. And, as far as I know, “Hee-Haw” isn’t still casting.

Luckily, I wasn’t far from my dentist, so I drove over to see when I could get in – and I was impressed to find they would make room for me right away.

Get THIS: The first impression was good … but a good opening won’t carry the day. Sales runs deeper than that.

Before I was taken back to the exam room, the doctor entered the area behind the reception desk, looked at me, and said, “Hi Debbie, haven’t seen you in a while, what’s going on?”

Hoping to be assured it was no big deal – that she and her staff could handle the situation without problem, I told her about the lost crown. She shook her head, frowned, and said, “Oh well, you’re probably going to need an implant.”

Then, she turned and walked away.

Get THIS:  Wouldn’t you figure I was somewhat stressed when I arrived at the dentist’s office and explained what happened? Sales and psychology are blood relatives. If the dentist knew the first thing about sales, she would have sought to calm my fears, not stress me further!

You see, we normally don’t consider expenditures as an investment in something we want. Any threat to our bank account is typically viewed as an unwelcome EXPENSE. A primary job of a qualified salesperson is to help the buyer see exceptional value in the proposition.

Let’s Think: Did the dentist lower my stress (and stress is a primary form of sales resistance), or do you think she INCREASED it? … Bingo.

How to lose a customer

Exit sign

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The dental assistant took me to the exam room for x-rays. I waited by myself (still stressed and worried), then the dentist came in and nonchalantly said, “Well, there are no complications showing in the picture, but you really need to get an implant.”

I asked, “What does that entail, and how much will it cost?”

She explained the procedure, then said it would run about $4,000. (And I think that was the first time she has smiled since I first saw her out front.)

I said, “I don’t want to spend $4,000 or go through that procedure right now – what are my other options?”

Without explanation, she responded, “A bridge or a removable tooth – $800.”

THEN I said:  “What was holding it on before?”

“Dental cement – well – it’s not broken, it just came loose.”

“What about cementing it back on?”

She sounded desperate now. “Well, we could do that, but I can’t guarantee it will stay or how long it will stay – you’ll need to be careful … etc.” “Fine, that’s what I want to do today.”

Had the situation been handled differently, I could have left there thinking how fortunate I was to have found such a kind, professional, considerate dental practice.

Instead, I felt really irritated.

Get THIS:   My dentist started telling me what I needed to do before performing the first bit of discovery. She had no idea what might impact my decision. Worse, she didn’t seem to care.

In those first few golden seconds, she began breaking rapport and destroying my trust in her – because it FELT like she was serving HER best interests, not mine.

I suspected she was trying to sell me on an expensive dental procedure that was not necessarily in MY best interest.

Additional information: While the dental assistant was getting ready to take the x-rays, I asked how things were at the practice. She said revenue was down and they had pumped up their marketing to bring in new clients.

Let’s Learn Together: So here they are … out trying to get new clients and forgetting to take care of the ones they have ALREADY invested in acquiring! Up to that day, I had spent THOUSANDS of dollars on dental procedures at that practice. I had been a very loyal, PAYING customer/client/patient. It costs five to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to RETAIN an existing customer! 

I left the office thinking about where I could get a referral for a new dentist.  My experience was such that I not only didn’t want to do the upsell service that day, but had serious doubts about ever going back again. For lack of sales ability, the practice had not only lost a sale that day … but, even more importantly, was in danger of losing a valuable customer.

To be successful in business


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You must learn how to confidently ask others to say YES – not to YOU, but to themselves. Your job is to help them see it is THEIR best interests to allow your product or service help them solve a problem (or potential problem) and/or reach a goal they want to achieve.

The fear of sales is at the root of most revenue-generating problems.

Three things impact your sales success most.

  1. Communication – Your livelihood depends on effective communication. If you can’t transmit your marketing message well, you will have a difficult time selling it.
  2. Your ability to build trust and create value-based relationships. Selling is not a solitary pursuit.
  3.  Your knowledge. Once you gain confidence and no longer FEAR the sales process, you will realize a payoff bigger than you can imagine.

Get THIS: Selling is about leading or moving people to action … with integrity. It is NOT about convincing them to do something you want them to do – something that will primarily benefit you.

Once you understand sales and learn a simple sales process, your marketing efforts begin to pay off in a big way.

Eventually, you will see that marketing and sales work in tandem to find and serve the best people on Earth: Your customers!

Stop losing money. You work hard on marketing – combine that with a proven sales strategy to increase profits.

What to do instead

To help you better understand the power of Trust-Based Selling, listen to the following talk. I recorded it for you … and it’s absolutely FREE. I invite you to listen, learn, and discuss. Enter your observations and questions in the comments below, or contact me directly.

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