WHY People Buy (and why they don’t)

At TEDxPuget Sound (2009) Simon Sinek presented one of the most popular TED talks ever. To date, Sinek’s “How great leaders inspire action” presentation has been viewed 22,633,972 times.

Calling his topic “A profound discovery that changed my life,” the focus is on what Sinek calls “The Golden Circle,” and how it affects human decision making — especially in sales and marketing

We are a “What oriented” society.

When we meet someone new, we want to know WHAT that person does. If we take the conversation deeper, we may ask HOW the work is accomplished.

Rarely, though, will we ask WHY.

[clickToTweet tweet=”We always ask ‘what’ someone does. Rarely do we ask WHY they do it.” quote=”We always ask ‘what’ someone does. Rarely do we ask WHY they do it.”]

‘What’ is on the outside — WHY is on the inside

WHY is at the core of being. It is experienced in the limbic brain — the place from whence all decisions are made. That is the place where TRUST is experienced, because trusting someone is a ‘feeling’. 

Great sales professionals have long observed and taught that buying decisions are made with the emotions (then justified rationally).

Actions begin with feeling, not with thinking. Logic makes people think, but emotion makes people act.

Martin Luther King’s speech was “I have a Dream,” NOT “I have a plan.” Nobody wanted to hear about another doomed-to-fail, half-hearted PLAN for change. But millions of people had to keep on believing in the POSSIBILITY of change.

[clickToTweet tweet=”People know plans will fall apart — but the vision will keep going.” quote=”People know plans will fall apart — but the vision will keep going.”]

Getting to the other side

How to we “cross the chasm”? How do we get the majority of potential customers and clients on board to cause a fundamental shift in effectiveness?

Citing Apple Computers as a primary example, Sinek maintains the wise employer doesn’t hire people who need a job — rather the emphasis is on hiring people who believe the same thing the company believes.  

Attracting ideal customers and clients is primarily about attracting those who believe what you believe.  

And here’s what I believe: You can achieve extraordinary sales success and do so with integrity.

You can do it in a way that your clients, customers or patients trust that your desire to serve their best interests is ahead of any agenda you might have to ‘sell them’.  

MY ideal clients share that belief.

People who believe what you believe will go to the trenches for you. They will help you get the word out. They will stay at their posts as long as you are willing to fight.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Attracting ideal customers and clients is about attracting those who believe what you believe. ” quote=”Attracting ideal customers and clients is primarily about attracting those who believe what you believe. “]

Which came first, the leader or the cause?

Credit is often given to the leader. That’s not where it belongs, though. The leader is but another person smitten with the grand Dream, the irrepressible desire.

Great leaders gather force behind an idea, not behind themselves.

Great leaders always begin with WHY!

Do you see yourself in this video? Do you believe WHY matters?

Here’s a replay of Sinek’s bold endeavor. He talks about the Diffusion of Innovations Theory, he talks about the Wright Brothers and about Samuel Pierpont Langley.

The big question, though, is this: Does Sinek talk about YOU?

AND… have you been able to get past your own What and How to contemplate and nurture your WHY?

If so, you are unstoppable.

Join me on that journey…

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