Your Focus is on THEM not YOU!

customer-focus3Tip #2: Your Focus is on Your Prospect not YOU!

The way we ‘sell’ has fundamentally changed over time.  Through the years, the ‘old school’ sales methods so many sales training programs taught (and were once successful) have lost their effectiveness.

We use the word ‘prospect’ to mean someone who is a potential or likely customer or client, which is fine for clarification, but we have to stop seeing others as “prospects’ and start seeing them as people.  I see so many business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professional make this mistake all the time.  Their sales conversation has WAY TOO MUCH self-centered and self-serving information. Example:  Here’s MY great background (going on and on about their success and awards or degrees), Here’s MY great product (why THEY believe their product is great), here’s MY great whatever (convenient location, long list of clients, etc.).  The conversation is not relevant to what is important to their prospect.

It may seem contrary to everything you’ve heard about sales to put the customer head of the sale — to care about your customer or client for the sake of the customer, not for what the customer can do for you.  The interesting secret about sales is that buying is a very human phenomenon and we humans respond in predictable ways.  We do not like being ‘pitched’ and we do not like being told what to do by those who we don’t think understand us or care about what we feel or perceive as important.  And we do not buy from people we think are using us for their own end means!

What to Do Instead:  Remember, a sale is NOT about you.  Focus on your prospect.  What is important to THEM, what do THEY want and desire? What problems are THEY trying to solve?  Just remember there is only one radio station they’re listening to WIIFM – What’s In It for Me?

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Bottom  Line?  You want to have sales conversations and presentations that lead to an sale that becomes inevitable because you clearly have a plan for the conversation, your focus is on the wants and desires of your prospective client and you listen to THEIR language and choose your words to mirror those things that are important to them and will help them step forward.

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